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What is talenthub.io?
Talenthub.io is a candidate experience tool, which collect anonymous feedback from candidates throughout a recruitment process. The data is used by recruitment & employer branding organization to understand how their candidates perceives the recruitment process and how they can improve it in the future.
It is optional for the candidate to respond the surveys and they are informed that the surveys are anonymous. We do not store their name, email or any personal data - just their response on a predefined questions. The nature of the questions are focusing on the candidates recruitment experience, eg. “What did you like about the job ad?” Here’s an exemplified survey.  

Integration to your ATS
Talenthub is ‘integrated’ inside our customers applicant tracking system (ATS), by copy-pasting our survey links into the email templates. Here’s an example on how we integrate our surveys inside our customers email templates. 

Thank you for your application for the position as (job title).

We are looking forward to read your application and find out, if you and we are the perfect fit. But first, we are curious to know, why you applied for this job. 

Please click this link and tell us

We will review applications ongoing and you can expect to hear from us again, if not sooner, then latest shortly after deadline.

Best Regards
Recruiter name 

Piloting talenthub.io
Talenthub.io offer a 60-day free pilot for companies who wish to test the value of our offering, without having to commit to a long-term collaboration. The pilot is a light version of our service, where we only survey candidates in three touchpoints during a recruitment process (the confirmation letter, the rejection and interviewed candidates). Once the pilot is completed, talenthub.io will present our findings and recommendations. The company are then to decide, if they want to continue with our paid offering or opt out of the collaboration.

Why do we not need to sign a Data Protection Agreement during the pilot?
As we do not collect any personal data from candidates, we are not conflicting with the The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.
The surveys are being send out through our customers ATS, so neither will we have or need access to any of our customers owned or licensed systems to install, implement, integrate, support, or otherwise perform the services during the pilot. Our customer will receive an username and password for business.talenthub.io where they can access the data from their candidates. 

Why do we need to sign a Data Protection Agreement after the pilot?
If a customer chooses to continue the collaboration after the pilot, we would need to store their name and email, allowing them to access their data inside business.talenthub.io. They will also have the ability to set up weekly/monthly e-mail notifications with the latest feedback.

Customers can also chose to buy our add-on, allowing you to gather feedback from hiring managers and recruiters on their experience with the recruitment process. This will require an API integration allowing us to trigger an email survey once a requisition has been filled. 

We normally work with our customer on the DPA while the pilot is underway.

Security measures
The premises utilised for processing of personal data by the Processor, or partners thereof, are equipped with access control systems and alarms. Camera surveillance is provided if it is deemed appropriate. This applies both to data centres and office premises. Logical access to personal data is restricted with the help of an authorisation system. Personal data here refers to the data of users/recruiters accessing the Talenthub platform on behalf of the client as we do not, by default, store  personal data related to their candidates. 

Security of Processing 

The Talenthub.io solution meets the best practice in terms of IT security. The Talenthub.io solution was devised on the basis of ‘Privacy by Design’ and there is, therefore, a major focus on preventing our customers from storing and processing data they should not have.

All new and existing features of Talenthub.io live up to the GDPR principles 

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency when processing data
  • Purpose limitation 
  • Data minimisation 
  • Accuracy Storage limitation 
  • Integrity and confidentiality 

As well as the 7 principles fundamental to the privacy by design doctrine all new development is based upon.

  1. Proactive not reactive; preventative not remedial 
  2. Privacy as the default setting 
  3. Privacy embedded into design 
  4. Full functionality – positive-sum, not zero-sum 
  5. End-to-end security – full lifecycle protection 
  6. Visibility and transparency – keep it open 
  7. Respect for user privacy – keep it user-centric

Our pre-approved sub-processor:
Name: Amazon.com, Inc.

Address: 410 Terry Ave N Seattle, Washington
United States

Location of data processing: Frankfurt (not specified further)

Purpose of data processing: Hosting the Talenthub.io solution’s server as well as backups for internal and platform storage.

Legal Responsible

Kevin Rebsdorf

+45 22282321